Business Loans: Our Solutions For Any Company In Switzerland

Getting a loan for a company in Switzerland is not always easy between the documents to be provided and the administrative procedures. At us, on the contrary, you benefit from a quick and uncomplicated procedure, an individualized offer centered on your needs! With ease, make a request to receive an evaluation leading to advantageous solutions!


Easy and fast

business loan

Aware of the usual difficulties of Swiss companies wishing to obtain a loan, we do our best to simplify your task. By choosing our agency as a partner, you ensure:

  • Simplified approach.
  • From a minimum of documents to provide !
  • To obtain a solution focused on your need by choosing your own loan terms: from 10’000 to 300’000 Chf over 12 to 84 months.
  • To benefit from a proposal without obligation with a very advantageous interest rate!


Fixed monthly payments


Moreover, in order to allow you to better budget the repayment of your business loan, we systematically offer our customers fixed monthly payments. In this way, you benefit from the necessary amount to maintain your business at its level while ensuring a perfect security in the repayment of the loan!


Your request online

business loan

Do you manage a company as a director, executive, partner, manager, independent? You want to invest in equipment, fill a lack of cash, buy equipment? Whatever your financial need, we can help you with a custom loan ! Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from a confidential evaluation on the part of our team.

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