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Are you going to take out a loan to start a business ? What is not lacking are options placed at your disposal for all kinds of purpose related to the opening of the company. Whoever seeks to grow with certainty will come a moment in life that will think of being no longer employed to become an entrepreneur. Many try to follow the idea of ​​opening a company to make this dream a reality, others, however, give up before they even begin to plan the dream.

Waivers occur because they do not know where they can take the money to start a business and start the business. These individuals barely know that there are several lines of credit and loan to open company available in the market, from retail banks to government NGOs.

Don’t wait, Request a payday loan no credit check

There are several lines of no credit check loans like payday loans no credit check in financial institutions, for example, Generally, they all offer good conditions for the new entrepreneur. There are specific alternatives on the market for micro, small and other companies. The funds released are granted according to the size of the business to be started.

Since we are in a free country, you can search the open bank or dozens of institutions that offer this type of credit. Now, the following can not be overlooked: in most cases, banking institutions have specific rules, conditions and guidelines for releasing a loan to open a business. Talk to your manager and talk to him about your business and what you want.

Loan to open company

Loan to open company

In order for you to have an idea of ​​how easy it is, let’s start by addressing the interest rate of loans for those who want to start a micro-venture or small business. In many financial institutions the rates offered start at 0.5% per month (this represents 6% per year) or even less. Another interesting point, which should not be ignored, is that the credit rate is determined by the National Monetary Council, which means that it does not have much oscillation.

When looking for a line of loan to open company, the contractor will not come across rules that require taking a minimum amount to be contracted or already determined (there is a lot of flexibility in this type of loan). But in some cases there is a ceiling. For example, in Proger Investgiro, of the Lively Bank, the maximum is very high – R $ 400,000. And the deadline to remove? Up to 48 months out of six months grace period.

Government Programs to open business and business

Government Programs to open business and business

And the resources? It should be directed as the entrepreneur wishes, as long as the money is spent on something related to the company that wants to open and follow the presented business plan. Be it for the purchase of cars, computer equipment, working capital, among others. See also these articles: 3 FINEP business credit programs, business start-up loans, how to get PROGER Credit for business.

The Bank Nat also has a program for those who want to start. Microcredit of Bank Nat serves people with low value loans to both formal and informal microentrepreneurs. Gross revenue can not exceed R $ 360 thousand. In this line of credit the maximum amount to be financed is R $ 15 thousand, interest is 4% per month.


Perhaps because of so many possibilities, Brazil is currently one of the countries that most create new companies. According to the World Bank, in our country approximately 316 thousand companies are opened per year. And, let’s face it, a good part of this number comes from people who used microcredit to start a business.

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