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CFD has a personal credit product between € 5,000 and € 50,000 that excels for simplicity and transparency. Interest rates are the lowest rates when compared to other credit financial institutions (excluding traditional banks) and are between APR of 10.6% and 16% (depending on the amounts).


Advantages of the CFD Custody Credit

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  • No opening and analysis costs – It should be noted that several banks and institutions charge the costs of opening and analyzing the process. If you notice, it does not make much sense to charge for the bank to analyze whether you want us to be your customer or not;
  • Fixed Term and Fixed Interest Rate – Guarantees a fixed monthly payment which turns out to be quite interesting for the management of the family budget;
  • Early amortization without penalties;
  • Period of evaluation and rapid analysis.

A note always important. What makes credit good or bad is the customer’s use of this possibility . So we suggest that you do a careful analysis, realize your effort rate, and see if the consumption makes or does not make sense.


How to have the Best Personal Credit at CFD?

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A credit process is something that involves many specifics. If you want to have the cheapest personal credit you should take into account countless variables not only to increase the likelihood of having the cheapest credit but also more importantly to make it more likely that your credit will be approved. And then it may make sense to turn to specialists who do all the work for you, with the advantage of looking for the best solution in various banks and financial institutions (we suggest you also look at our consolidated credit solutions that will save you a lot of money all the months).

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